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American Wars

The American Revolutionn

War of 1812

Mexican American War

The Civil War

Spanish-American War

World War I

World War II

The Korean War

Vietnam War

Desert Storm

Operation Enduring Freedom

Iraqi Freedom



Before you visit

Here are a few things suggested when planning a museum trip:

1. Always check website or call about days and hours of operation. Also check their calendar about upcoming events.
2. A lot of museums have outdoor exhibits, if possible travel north in summer south in winter.
3. Call local hotels, visitor centers, or chamber of commerce, find out about other events, ball games, races, conventions etc. these things drive up hotel prices and wait times for dinner.
4. Think of a side trip for the spouse, this will lead to more museum visits for sure.
5. Always check website or call a week before you go, THINGS HAPPEN!

During visit:

1. Always sign guest book, some museums receive funding that is based on visitor numbers.
2. If you have a comment or suggestion fill out a card or speak to someone, museums strive to provide the best experience possible
3. If you can donate, this will help keep the doors open for future generations

After visit:

1. If you enjoyed your visit “TELL PEOPLE”, family, friends, coworkers, my space, blog, wearing a T-shirt is great advertising.
2. If there was an issue “PLEASE CONTACT MUSEUM” they are in business for your enjoyment and I would be sure they will do all they can to correct any issue.




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